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And in that moment, I swear...

we were infinite

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December 9th, 2007

(no subject)

            Sam grinned at her step-brother, Patrick, as they approached the city. He pulled the truck over, and Sam climbed out of the vehicle. She slipped her winter coat off and placed it on the passenger seat where she’d been sitting. She climbed into the bed of the truck and gripped onto a bar running across the roof of the truck. She looked down at her navy-colored dress, and she felt the truck begin to move. She held onto the bar and let out a happy, almost-childish shout as they drove through the long tunnel into the city. The wind turned her dress into waves, into streaks of blue among the white tunnel-walls, shaded orange by the glow from the tunnel-lights. She heard Patrick turn up the radio in the truck, and she screamed once more before Patrick slowed down.
Sam began to climb out of the truck bed. Her shoe’s heel caught on a hole in the bottom of the bed and she slipped. She hit her head against the bottom of the truck bed, and her vision blurred a bit. She hissed in pain and closed her eyes.
When she came to, Sam looked puzzled. She was in an apartment in a city, yes, but not one that she recognized. She frowned, confused.
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